Steve’s Cutlery began when owner Stephen L. Pryor started making knives after retiring from the mining/trucking industry in 1991. A stock removal maker crafting knives one at a time from his shop nestled in the foothills of the Ozarks, Steve prefers to use natural handle materials, such as stag, stabilized exotic woods, and reconstituted stone in his designs.

The steel choices you will find can range from 1085 high carbon spring steel to ATS-34 stainless, and occasionally damascus. We offer a variety that is sure to please and is right for each field application. We make them all, from utility and skinning knives to fillet knives, daggers and bowies. Our sizes range from small to large fixed blade designs.


What You Need to Know about Knife Collection Insurance

If you have an impressive collection of knives and you want to insure them against theft or damage, you’ll benefit from discovering knife collection insurance. Today, we’re going to share a lot of practical information about what this type of insurance is and how to find it. Policies vary in terms of coverage levels, so you should have plenty of choices. Some people go for basic coverage which is very affordable, while others spend more in order to access mid-range or high-end coverage.

What is Knife Collection Insurance?

This insurance allows knife collection owners to file claims for certain circumstances which pertain to their knife collections. Examples of circumstances which may be covered under policies (coverage features will vary) include accidental breakage, loss in the post, natural disasters, flooding, theft and fire. As you can see, it’s possible to access quite a bit of protection. In general, this type of coverage is pretty affordable and it definitely gives knife collection owners more peace of mind. As well, it’s easy to access. Many different insurance companies offer their clients access to policies for knife collections or for other types of collectables, such as guns.

How to Shop for This Type of Insurance

Shopping for knife collection insurance is a simple, three-step process. The first step is checking out insurance companies like InsuranceQuote.Deals. At this stage, you should try to find at least three insurance companies which offer knife collection insurance and get great reviews from real-life customers. The second step is looking at the insurance policies that they companies provide. You may do so by visiting their official websites. Try to read all of the fine print and try to make a decision about which level of coverage is right for you. The final step is collecting Insurance quotes for policies that you like and then choosing the policy with the best price and features.

If you follow these three simple steps, you’ll be able to access a great deal, without investing too much time and energy. You’ll be shopping for insurance like the pros do.

In most cases, it’s possible to fill out online applications for knife collection insurance policies. This is very convenient, so you may want to choose an insurance company which does offer this important and modern service. After you apply, insurance company staff will review your online application and then let you know whether you’re approved for what you want. In general, they work promptly, so you shouldn’t have to wait too long in order to get an answer about your application.

Once you’re approved, just follow the instructions that you’re given. The company will let you know when all of the steps are complete and you’re actually covered.

Shop for This Insurance Today

You deserve to feel protected. The key to finding the right insurance policy is shopping around carefully before you buy, and then deciding on a coverage level which is affordable and makes you feel secure. Since you care about your knives, you’ll love knowing that you do have insurance coverage, in case they are stolen or something else bad happens. Without this type of insurance, you’ll be responsible for repairs or replacements. Sometimes, collector knives cost an awful lot, so it’s really important to get insured.

Hopefully, our guide has made it easier for you to decide whether or not to invest in knife collection insurance. Now that you know the basics and how to shop, you may use the Web in order to seek out the best deal. Once you’ve gotten a policy, you’ll feel protected and you’ll know that you may file a claim if there’s a problem.